Kerjasama SMKDHAB - Intel

Craig Barrett visit to SMK Datuk Haji Ahmad Badawi, Kepala Batas

Goche and Intel
We (Goche) were lucky to be working with Intel Malaysia to celebrate Intel Corporation’s 40 years of existences. The event was a presentation of cheque of more than RM700000 to IIMGP schools around Penang and Kulim area where the plants are located and also a show of commitment that Intel as a whole will be volunteering 1millions hours to the worldwide community.
It was a 3 hours events which took 3 days of setup time and months of meticulous planning. This project was headed by the local Intel team and also guys from the US event company, CCW.It was a rather straight forward event, just that with added pressure Craig Barrett being the attendee and VIP of this event.
Chronology of event in photos
Craig Barrett and entourage arrived with outriders from PDRM (they paid for it) around 11am and was greeted by kompang boys from the school.
Looking ‘smart’ in red, but i would think it will be more appropriate if they are in Intel blue.
Dr Siek leading Dato’ Craig Barrett to the career talk
Career Talk: Kids listening to the ‘big’ man
Arrival of Dr Salbiah from Ministry Of Education (MOE) after the career talk.
VIPs were greeted with gamelan group from school.
Boria performances by kids from SK Permatang Tok Jaya Model Khas Pulau Pinang
Speech: He talks, you listen
Dr Salbiah speaking- long long speech
RM710000 for IIMGP 2007 Schools cheque presentation
Atul (Intel Malaysia MD) with kids in 1:1 eLearning class using CMPC
Press conference
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